That’s the great thing about being beholden to no-one in the writing of this blog, I can do my own thing with this blog, I can make a pledge to update and post more often, then wholeheartedly ignore that for a decent number of months (I’m sharply looking at you, past self).

However, while I think it’s silly of me to make a new pledge to update more regularly, Its definitely something that I’m going to try to do. Update more regularly, that is. I can’t really speak for my propensity to make silly proclamations.

I’m not really sure of what I’m going to write about outside of providing a way for me to wax a bit poetic regarding images as I slowly work through and release images from the significant backlog that I’ve managed to accrue over the last 7 months, and even further back to past trips in Australia, and even South America.

This blog is primarily a way for me to talk a bit about my images, and release the so-called “B-side” images, and even the really good ones, too.

It’s at this point that I should probably do more and say less, so here’s the above image in all its glory on my 500px account.



I would also take this opportunity to point you across to my Instagram, where I recently uploaded this absolute gem of an image:

One of many. Taken on a recent trip to Iceland. I've been to Iceland a few times now, so familiar with the beaten path that I'm itching to find new places, and new compositions of old favorites. However, this magnificent waterfall firmly falls into the "new places" category. Selfoss is only a short 20 minute walk upstream from the thundering Dettifoss. This image also firmly shows why I love the Sony a7RII, as this is a rather clean single exposure, 30 seconds, ISO800, f/3.5. It also helps that the Aurora was strong but relatively inactive and allowed for some good detail even on such a long exposure. Taken with the Canon 24mm TS-E L II, and Metabones 4. Stay tuned, because I have many, many amazing Aurora images to share. #iceland #selfoss #dettifoss #waterfall #landscape_lovers #WatchThisInstagood #landscape_captures #artofvisuals #liveauthentic #welivetoexplore #naturelovers #awesome_earthpix #ig_masterpiece #neverstopexploring #beautifulplaces #AwesomeEarth #EarthVisuals #everydayiceland #whyiceland #inspiredbyiceland #loves_iceland #aroundiceland #igersiceland #inspiredbyiceland #nightscape #longexpoelite #starrynight #nightshooters #skymasters #astrophotography

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And don’t fret, higher quality copies of amazing shots like this will slowly make their way to my 500px account. I’m also exploring ways to make the best of the best available for purchase.
Until next time (hopefully not involving another 7 month hiatus)