Gljúfrabúi Waterfall, Southern Iceland.

This waterfall was a surprise for me. After first reading about it at Guide To Iceland, this waterfall was a must shoot item on the list for this trip. It’s about 500m further down the road from the VERY famous Seljalandsfoss. While this waterfall is not as massive as Skógafoss, or as spectacular as Dynjandi, it definitely holds an amazing charm.

The falls drop down into a canyon, and getting in there requires a few steps across some precarious stones in the creek, and should only be attempted by those seeking an ice cold shower. The shape of the canyon and the force with which the water thunders down causes massive swirling gusts of water mist that shoot with ferocity out the narrow canyon entrance. Keeping camera equipment dry, let alone your own person, in this place is nightmarish, but achievable with the right amount of patience.


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