• The Horseshoe, Niagara Falls
    The Horseshoe, Niagara Falls, 2016
  • Nuggets of Glass.
    Icebergs on the Black Sand beach, Iceland 2016
  • Toronto Skyline, 2016
    Toronto Skyline, as seen from Kensington Markets.
  • Selfies at Stokksnes.
    Gratuitious Selfies taken at Stokksnes National Park, Iceland 2016
  • Harpa Distractions.
    Harpa Convention and Conference centre, Iceland.
  • Autumn is on the way.
    Autumn is on the way, south Iceland 2016
  • Búðir - The Black Church
    Búðir - The Black Church, Iceland

Wander with me.
Come and wander with me. Let us traverse the wide swathes of land and diverse populace that inhabit this amazing ball of stuff suspended in the vast nothingness of space.

I’ve been into photography since mid 2007 and since then it has been a wild ride with times where I can’t possibly bare to put the camera down to times where it would remain untouched for a few months… but I would always come back and pick it up with an eager fondness, silently wishing it to direct my sense’s to a place where I can not only observe and capture the beauty of a scene, but also to a place beyond the obvious; where time and space melt away and you’re left with an impression of something amazing.